Welcome to Chasing August!

We put our soul and passion into making products that embody the essence of what we refer to as "August" -- the process of creating, reinventing, building with our own hands, adapting a physical object — something beautifully decrepit, disregarded, or benign — into its beautifully tattered, treasured, and vibrant contemporary. That's what we're constantly chasing. And it's what we aim to provide to you through this website and the DIY Kits and other items we sell in our shop. August -- it’s craftsmanship that, at once, cultivates a function or aesthetic in an object that makes it greater than how it was discovered, yet is still respectful to its origin.

We hope to inspire in you a LOVE for things beautiful, natural, and handcrafted. We hope to ignite and evolve your interest to LEARN about DIY skills, techniques and materials. And we hope to provide you with the very best DIY Kits, products and other how-to's to propel you to DO! Chase your own August! Be your own craftman!

We hope you'll see our penchant for creating in everything we do, everything we offer you in our shop, and everything we share on our site. Happy chasing!!! LOVE. LEARN. DO.

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